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  • My friend, Patsy Kirkland, had a funny bone

    Earline Crews, Guest Columnist|Aug 27, 2020

    My friend Pasty Fore Kirkland was the most fun person I ever knew. Don't get me wrong here, I have had many fun friends in my lifetime, but Patsy came with a twist. A twist that caught my attention immediately when I as a "newby" at W. S. Neal School as my Wallace class was known. I used the title "newby" instead of the well known title of a "feeder school" as the incoming/transfered students from out in the country schools were called. Wallace, Damascus, Henley Roberts and North Brewton schools were "Feeder" schools. All us tenth graders from...

  • Cemeteries, the safest places on earth to stalk

    Earline Crews, Guest Writer|Aug 20, 2020

    A cemetery is the safest place on earth for stalking. Everybody there is harmless. But I need to share some good advice to others that may decide to join me and the CEO in, the art of cemetery stalking. How it's done from my experience: You have a SIRNAME and some noisy reason for wanting to go cemetery stalking. You load up and go in the general direction that someone years ago mentioned that someone from years ago may or may not have died and may or may not be buried in said cemetery. "By damn, he's family and I wanna find out". "Okay, I'll...

  • Birthday memories

    Earline Crews, Guest Writer|Aug 13, 2020

    Today being my 76th year on this good earth I decided to share some of my most embrassing moments. I am at that stage in life that it is all funny now, but when these things happened I thought my life was over. Here goes, I was a first grader, my family was ‘church mouse poor', I wore pretty homemade feed sack dresses and bloomers made from bolts of white broadcloth. Mama kept us in good underwear. She bought cards of elastic to put in the waist and legs....................bloomers. So, I was playing with the girls on the playground and the b...

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