By Joe Thomas
Ledger Editor 

Council raises rates


April 11, 2019

Four businesses and a church that are renting buildings owned by the town of Flomaton will see their rent go up $50 per month beginning June 1 and the Flomaton Town Council has been approached by someone interested in renting the Old Jackson Theater building, which is also owned by the town.

Mayor Dewey Bondurant Jr., proposed raising the rent on the four buildings across the street from town hall from $350 per month to $400 per month and from $500 to $550 per month for the church renting the old library building on McCurdy Street.

The current renters downtown are Willard's Restaurant, Blessed Handz Hair Barber Shop, Brinda's Beauty and Wellness Coaching and Make Your Hair Glo Hair Style/Barber Shop. Spirit and Truth Tabernacle currently rents the old library building on McCurdy Street.

“Do we know if we're covering our costs?” asked Councilman Buster Crapps.

Mayor Bondurant said the buildings downtown were probably worth $650 per month but if the town raises the rent that high the businesses couldn't stay.

“I say we get rid of all of them,” Crapps said.

Utilities Superintendent Shaun Moye said one problem is if a renter has made improvements and decides to leave they want to take the improvements with them, such as carpeting and plumbing.

Town Attorney Chuck Johns said once something is attached to real property it becomes part of that property and is owned by the town.

The council also voted Monday night to spend $6,550 for a new 5-ton heating and air conditioning unit for the building occupied by Willard's.

Moye said this past Saturday it was 85 degrees in the building with the air conditioner running wide open and there are problems with the old unit tripping breakers in the winter.

Mayor Bondurant said he received the $6,550 quote from Bud's Refrigeration.

Crapps asked if the town could get other prices before deciding.

“Bud's Refrigeration is on call with Shaun all the time,” Bondurant said. “It works well for the town.”

Crapps said he'd go along with it due to the service the town receives.

Jackson Theater

Mervin Smith approached the council Monday night wanting to rent the Old Jackson Theater downtown to help bring more businesses to the area.

He said his plans are to have a church with his son, Marc Smith, serving as the pastor; his daughter, Morgan Odom, would like to start an internet medical billing and call center service and she also had a professional photography business; and he would like to have a snack bar with protein smoothie drinks.

“We have so many things to do to make Flomaton a beautiful place for the young generation coming after we are gone,” Smith said. “My prayer is that God will bless each and every citizen of the town of Flomaton.”

Councilman Crapps asked Smith if he was interested in buying the building.

Smith said Mayor Bondurant told him he could rent the building to him for $200 per month.

Bondurant said he did not tell Smith he would rent the building for $200 per month noting he can't make such an agreement without the council's approval. The mayor apologized if there was a misunderstanding.

Councilwoman Lillian Dean also said she was under the impression that Smith wanted to purchase the building.

Bondurant also said there was a lot of damage on the inside of the building and suggested Smith get with Moye and take a tour of the building and let the council study the situation.


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