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  • 2019 offered a lot to 4-H youth in Escambia Co.

    Dr. J. Daniel Raulerson, Guest Writer|Dec 24, 2019

    12: Year End Review: At this time of the year, everyone seems to have a little time to take a breath and think back upon all of the moments that impacted them over the past year. At Escambia County 4-H, we have had a year with many moments which have made us thankful. These were a bunch of great memories and we hope to make a lot more great memories in 2020 with Archery Club (State Shoot April 25), the Calf Show (March 2), Swine Show (April 10), Summer Camp (June 8-10), RiverKids and Day Camps in summer, and much more!...

  • Archery at BMS teaching more than shooting skills

    Dr. J. Daniel Raulerson, Guest Writer|Dec 12, 2019

    During the month of December, I have had the opportunity to instruct students across all grades at Brewton Middle School in safe use of archery equipment. During the first week of December, students were instructed in range safety and about types of bows (longbow, recurve, and compound), their parts, and the advantages of types of bows available. After a couple of days of safety instruction, students were each individually coached through their first shot to make sure they knew where to nock their arrow and how the fletchings of the arrow were...

  • Just say no!

    Dr. J. Daniel Raulerson, Guest Writer|Nov 14, 2019

    Every year at this time I am reminded of a presidential debate in the early 1980s between Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter. To a criticism of one of Reagan’s campaign promises made by President Carter, Reagan replied “There you go again.” Those of us who watched that debate, now of Medicare age, remember its deflating effect on Carter. I have that same feeling Reagan must have had when medical insurance companies flood the airwaves. They make promises of all the extra benefits people will get by changing from regular Medicare to Medicare Advan...