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By Gretchen McPherson
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Riley won't seek re-election; transfers set budget


May 10, 2018

Century resident and Seat 4 Town Councilman Gary Riley announced Monday night that he will not seek re-election when his term ends January 2019.

Riley was elected to the Century Council in 1998 and has successfully held the seat for five consecutive terms, or 20 years.

The councilman cited health reasons as the main reason he is stepping down from the council seat, but said that he feels honored to have served the town of Century as long as he did.

"I have enjoyed every bit of the many years I have spent on the council," said Riley. "And how the town has progressed over 20 years. Everyone has started working together and people have helped us get grants to improve the infrastructure. We have a great, truly dedicated individuals on the council. I am proud to say I have been a part of this council and the rebuilding of Century."

"Mr. Riley has been easy to work with," said Century Mayor Henry Hawkins. "I've served on the council before in Century with him and he is very friendly."

Town budget

The council approved CPA Robert Hudson's recommendation to transfer nearly $60,000 to the gas fund from the garbage fund and if necessary, the special revenue fund, each month until November to balance the budget Monday night.

"February showed a $15,000 loss, a $30,000 loss in March and a $17,000 loss in April, bringing the total loss to about $60,000," said Hudson. "Kim's pay as interim clerk, still coming out the gas fund, which it shouldn't, inflates the loss. Money is needed for the next five months to get us through to November, when sales go up again."

Hudson suggested transferring $5,000 per month from the garbage fund and then as much more as needed from the special revenue fund to make up the $60,000 loss by the month of November, when gas sales will increase in the winter months to get the gas fund back on track.

Hudson said the town could treat the transfer as a loan, then create it as an operating transfer.

When Councilman Ben Boutwell asked Hudson how the money would be paid back, Hudson responded, "It probably won't be paid back this budget year."

Boutwell noted he would like to see any amount, even as little as $100, being paid back to the garbage fund per month.

In a motion made by Boutwell and seconded by Councilman Luis Gomez, the motion carried.

The council approved an ordinance to accept the county's approved franchise agreement giving the town of Century sole jurisdiction over its natural gas franchise.

The town was given 120 days to reach an agreement with the county, but Hawkins thought it prudent to act sooner rather than later.

"Now we've got leverage by doing it now instead of 120 days from now," said Hawkins. "If someone else is going to make money, we can too. You've got to look at it proactively. Our franchise is not in jeopardy anymore. We have it exclusively."

Councilman Boutwell made a motion which was seconded by Councilwoman Sandra mcMurray Jackson. The motion carried.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m., Monday May 21 at Century Town Hall.


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