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  • Christianity during the Colonial era in America

    Dewey Bondurant, Special to the Ledger|Feb 20, 2020

    Beginning early in the seventeenth century, settlers from Spain, France, Sweden, Holland, and England claimed land and formed colonies along the eastern coast of North America, and the struggle for control of this land continued for well over a hundred years. By the time the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, there were thirteen operational American colonies with independent governments and constitutions. The first permanent settlement was the English colony at Jamestown, in 1607, in what is now Virginia. Similar to the other colon...

  • Remember the faith of the Founders

    Dewey Bondurant, Special to the Ledger|Jan 23, 2020

    While much has been written in recent years to try to dismiss the fact that America was founded upon the biblical principles of Judeo-Christianity, all the revisionism in the world cannot change the facts. Anyone who examines the original writings, personal correspondence, biographies, and public statements of the individuals who were instrumental in the founding of America will find an abundance of quotations showing the profound extent to which their thinking and lives were influenced by a Christian worldview. That is not to say that all of...