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Notices mailed for tax

Property taxes will be past due Jan. 2


October 13, 2022

Tax notices were mailed out to Escambia County (Ala.) property owners last Thursday and are due Jan. 3, 2023 to avoid any penalties and fees.

By law, property taxes are due Dec. 31, but since Dec. 31 falls on a Saturday the deadline is extended to Monday, Jan. 2. If tax bills are paid through the mail they must be postmarked by Jan. 2 or before to avoid penalties.

Tax Collector Tim Pettis said his office sent out tax notices totaling $19.5 million this year compared to $18.1 million last year for about a $1.4 million increase due to increases in property values.

Pettis noted that personal checks, cash, money orders, debit cards and credit cards may be used to pay property taxes at the his office inside the Escambia County Courthouse. He did note that people using a debit card or credit card will be assessed a 2.5 percent fee.

Pettis said as of Tuesday his office had already collected about $121,000 in 2022 property taxes.

He added that he has not set a firm date on when the on-line delinquent tax sale will be held but said it should be in the middle of May.

“I hate to set a firm date at this point,” Pettis said. “Hopefully COVID won’t be an issue but it has been an issue in the past.”


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