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Unathorized repair on vehicle raises questions

Flomaton receives $5,000 bill for work on fire department vehicle


May 12, 2022

Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant, Jr., said he is going to ask the Flomaton Fire Department to pay a $5,000 bill to Brantley Automotive after the work was done on the department’s newly-acquired squad truck without a purchase order from the town.

Bondurant told members of the town council that he authorized the payment of the bill to Brantley’s, but also noted that the vehicle is still not operational due to other issues.

Perdido Beach Fire and Rescue donated the 1997 squad and command vehicle to the town in February.

Bondurant said the policy is that purchase orders are needed for all expenditures.

Councilman Roger Adkinson wanted to know who took the vehicle to Brantley’s and who approved the work.

“I’ve told everybody, don’t buy anything without a purchase order,” Bondurant said.

Councilman Jim Johnson said the vehicle needed to be taken to a certified diesel mechanic for repairs. He also noted the vehicle is a piece of town equipment.

“The person who took it down there needs to be held accountable,” Adkinson said.

“I was going to ask the fire department to pay for it,” Bondurant said. “The fire department knew they needed a purchase order. Other department heads don’t do that. It happens over and over with the fire department. They do what they want to do and then come to us later.”

Councilwoman Kay Wagner also wanted to know the status of the 40-year old fire truck still being used by the fire department.

Bondurant said in his personal opinion the council needed to go with Wagner’s suggestion and buy a new fire truck.

Johnson noted the town received some COVID relief money and feels the town can find a good used firetruck for about $40,000.


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