Threats against judge, attorneys

Pugh accused of threatening to burn down law office; and to go to circuit judge's residence

A Brewton man who was on probation for an arson II conviction was arrested last week for making a terrorist threat for allegedly threatening to burn down the Otts and Moore law firm in Brewton with everyone inside; threatening to show up at Circuit Judge Todd Stearns house; and saying that he would sue attorneys Earnest White, Danny White and Mike Godwin for everything they ever had.

Jason Warren Pugh, 53, 3494 McGougin Road, was arrested in Louisiana on a violation of probation charge and the new terrorist threat charge. He was transported back to the Escambia County Detention Center and stood before District Judge Eric Coale Friday for a bond hearing.

Pugh is accused of using a cell phone to make the threats against the law firm and others and was charged with intentionally or recklessly terrorizing those listed in the complaint.

During Friday's bond hearing, Pugh told Judge Coale that he didn't have a telephone to make such calls.

Court records show Pugh was on probation for arson II at the time of his arrest. He pleaded guilty to the arson charge on June 5, 2013 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison with five years to serve, followed by seven years of probation. He also had a failure to appear warrant out for his arrest.

Judge Coale appointed Kyle Henderson to represent Pugh and Pugh questioned which judge would hear his case. Coale said he wasn't sure at that time.

Pugh said he didn't want Earnest White to hear his case because White previously prosecuted him and didn't want him to be the judge.

Judge Coale informed Pugh that White has not been a circuit judge in about 30 years and has never been a prosecutor as far as he knew.

Pugh also requested a preliminary hearing and Judge Coale set that hearing for Dec. 2.

Coale placed Pugh on $150,000 bond but noted he would be held without bond on the violation of probation charge.

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