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By Joe Thomas
Ledger Editor 

COVID ball is here, be ready


August 27, 2020

Since March we've been hearing about getting back to some sort of normalcy in wake of COVID-19. We didn't say get back to normal, because we don't think we'll ever get back to our pre-coronavirus days.

Even with a vaccine and/or antibiotic to kill the virus, we will have people continuing to wear masks and we will have people shying away from large gatherings.

Football has been a topic of discussion for months – will we play, when will be play.

Well we are playing high school football. Some schools have opted out and others have moved their start dates back.

Football on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays is something most people want. That brings back some sense of normalcy. But it won't be normal like we think normal should be.

The stands won't be packed and some teams will be playing in empty stadiums, but COVID ball is upon us.

Flomaton opens its 2020 football season this Friday night at Ariton which is located in the eastern part of the state between Ozark and Troy. If the Hurricanes had opened the season last year at Ariton they would have brought a huge crowd of supporters with them.

If you missed the story on the front page of today's paper, there will only be 550 tickets available for the game and they will be on a first come, first served basis at the gate.

We're not trying to discourage any Flomaton fans from making the trip, but we do want to tell you there is a chance that you won't get a ticket once you get there.

We guess it's as normal as normal can be while we still wrestle with this pandemic. Football is here.


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