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By Chad Diamond
Guest Writer 

Fight your battles with God in mind


August 20, 2020

Good morning Tri-City readers, so thankful for each of you and so blessed that you take the time to read the articles every week.

I try to not have to repeat but life sure keeps us going and some weeks I have to revisit some articles. It has been very encouraging to me that a few of you have called to let me know how much you enjoy the articles and so sorry I have been slack in calling you back and I am sorry for that.

Sometimes we just let life get us to the point of being too busy to give the appreciation back, but I am going to do better on that. This is an article that my youngest son wrote and I took it off his facebook to share with you.

So I was listening to my favorite Podcast called “thirty Minutes With The Perrys.” They were talking about sin and how we deal with it. It kinda grew my faith a little and helped me to understand more clearly about what dealing with and going head to head with sin is.

I don’t know about you but for me growing up I always thought and it seemed like when people talked about being saved they automatically made the impression that their sin or the want to sin had just left. “God will never give you anything that you can’t handle”... right? Not so much.

You see you might be holy. You might be more holy than me and good for you. I’m glad you are “righteous.” For me sin and temptation is always in my life. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. For you to kinda understand where I’m going with this you need to remember this passage “deny thyself and follow me.”

To me that passage means for us that deal with sin every time we are tempted we have to deny ourselves and that can be very hard. Sometimes I think there is no way I’m getting into heaven because I am constantly tempted and my sin sometimes wins and I feel like I failed God because like the Bible says he can’t look upon sin.

That’s where the “deny thyself” part comes in. Every time I am tempted, I have to deny what my flesh wants. To be clear being a Christian is not being “righteous” it’s denying the flesh you were born into and the sin you are born into thanks to Adam and Eve and choosing to follow Christ.

Back to the God will not give you anything you can’t handle. If he never gave you something that you could not handle on your own then why would you ever need him? I’m just saying how or why would you ever go to him if you had it all on your own?

See... he will give you more than you can handle because that is where deny yourself and follow me comes in. If it was something you could deal with you wouldn’t have to deny yourself.

Another thing they talked about was we like to put certain sins above others on a chart and stone the people we think have the more sinfulness sins. Where does it say that in the Bible? To end if you never deal with depression or anxiety or any other type of sin or heartache just because you are saved... I’m happy for you.

Me on the other hand I have to constantly deny my thoughts and my heart and the way I feel or think because I know they are not holy and turn to Christ and to me knowing I’m not strong enough and knowing I need a savior to help me and to save me is what being a Christian is.

It’s a constant battle between the flesh and sin of this world I was born into and the spiritual being “my soul” within me fighting for the controls and I have to constantly deny it all and give it to God. If you’re like me then I’ll be praying for you.

And if you’re also like me and feel that because you constantly battle you’re in danger of hell... maybe your not. Maybe the proof you need that you will make it to heaven is in the battle. It’s in the fact that you haven’t given up and you still turn to God.

I am so thankful God letting me be this young men Dad and I pray you enjoyed his writing. Love you readers and peace out in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost with Fire! And a late Happy Birthday to my Mom!


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