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Don't be an idiot over the new freedom


May 7, 2020

OK folks, don't be idiots. The state of Alabama and the town of Flomaton have reopened some things that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beaches across the gulf coast are open.

We could see cars with tags from north Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and beyond coming through Flomaton this weekend.

Hopefully this is a sign that we are about to reopen everything, but a lot of that will depend on how we act during this 'soft opening'. Mark our word, if beaches get packed to the hilt, they will be closed again; if people take advantage of the partial openings of parks, they will be shut down again.

We are not through the pandemic. Our elected officials are trying to make the best decisions they can with the information they have.

Everything still comes with the social distancing guidelines of being 6-feet apart and no groups larger than 10. We should all embrace this new freedom but we can also lose it as quick as we received it if we act like idiots and think we are totally back to normal.

The courthouse is partially opened and other retail stores have been allowed to serve customers. They all come with restrictions.

We must all remember those restrictions are put in place in hopes of keeping COVID-19 from spreading.

Keep in mind, if the virus begins to spread we may be headed back to a near total lockdown.

Be safe, practice social distancing and we can get through this without any more interruptions.

Our elected leaders have put the ball in our court. How we play with it will determine if we get to keep playing.


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