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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Beware of Democrat Socialists


February 13, 2020

Gripped by intense turmoil after a week of incredible failures, the Democrat Party is in a tailspin. The impeachment of President Trump crashed with a thud upon the inevitable acquittal that still has average Americans scratching their heads about why House Democrats even tried. With no crime and no case, Democrats were left clinging to Mitt Romney’s solitary treacherous vote to convict as their only consolation prize. When 3 years of harassing and investigating Trump can convince only one arrogant northeastern establishment RINO, this whole sham was proven to be pathetic, weak, and nothing more than a partisan scam.

Then on que, President Trump triumphantly sauntered into the House that impeached him and delivered the most inspiring uplifting patriotic State of the Unions address of his presidency. Democrats could only watch and wince as Trump deftly commandeered the chamber. Speaker Pelosi was so frustrated and flabbergasted the only thing she could do was childishly tear up his speech.

While Democrats sat on their hands and sniped, Americans cheered and even cried. Trump recounted a remarkable record of success and campaign promises kept. Illegal immigration is going down and the border wall is going up. The military has been rebuilt and our enemies are backing down. Trump’s strategy with tariffs is paying off with new fair trade agreements. The economy is still humming, jobs are still coming, and wage are finally rising again. Trump correctly touted a blue collar boom, but there was no convincing because Americans can feel it. The optimism was genuine because Americans believe America is great again. They have renewed hope for the American dream. And with Trump, Americans sincerely believe the best is yet to come.

While President Trump could crow plenty about his policies, he also recognized and honored the Americans who make this country great. Who could not stand and applaud a former drug addict that reformed and reclaimed his dignity? Or the 100 Year old Tuskegee Airman that served valiantly in three wars and by his example of service was passing his legacy on to his 13 year old great grandson? The one pound premature baby that was now a healthy two year old? The single mother and her daughter receiving a scholarship to escape failing schools for a better education? The diligent military wife and children joyfully reunited with their soldier husband and father? These are all quintessential American stories! Stories of American greatness! Who would not be driven to their feet with awe and inspiration?

Well, Democrats; that’s who. While Trump celebrated these great Americans, their accomplishments, and indomitable qualities, he exposed Democrats utter contempt for those Americans and the traditional values we hold dear. Democrats have become unabashed socialists, so independent successful citizens threaten their plans for socialism. A thriving free people don’t need socialist masters and their central planning for every aspect of life.

While President Trump was taking a victory lap, the Iowa Caucuses collapsed. The low turnout demonstrated the severe lack of enthusiasm for their shenanigans; and their incompetence was on full display when they couldn’t even count their own votes. It’s a party in disarray with only a raft of woefully weak, ill equipped, and radical presidential candidates. Hating Trump is not a platform and Americans find it all disingenuous when they are enjoying the fruits of Trump’s successful policies.

The Democrat Socialist Party is mortally wounded and like an injured animal look for them to lash out. Leftists will not just lick their wounds and slink off; they will return with a vengeance. Just in the last week, some knucklehead in Jacksonville Florida plowed his van into a tent of Republicans registering people to vote; and an Arizona State University student shouted at College Republicans that all Republicans should have their throats slit.

These are not idle threats. Socialism can only be imposed on a free people by intimidation. Project Veritas recently caught a Bernie Sanders campaign worker bragging how they would use gulags to reeducate Americans. The media ignores it, but leftist violence has been increasing the past decade. ANTIFA already roams Portland Oregon with impunity rioting and harassing authorities and conservatives. As Democrats continue to implode, beware that their violent inclinations will increase.

“How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.” Matthew 12:29


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