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By Joe Thomas
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Sewer hook up is mandated in town

Flomaton man wants to keep septic tank


February 13, 2020

Gregory Williams told the Flomaton Town Council he didn't think it was fair that he is being told he has to hook up to the town's sewer system when he has a septic tank that is working fine.

However, the town has an ordinance that mandates residents who have reasonable access to the sewer are required to hook up.

“I already have a septic tank and Shaun (Utilities Superintendent Shaun Moye) said I had to hook up or I will get my water cut off,” Williams said. “Others have septic tanks, I don't feel it's right.”

Moye said originally, people were given the option, but the town passed an ordinance saying if there is a change of occupancy, they are required to hook up to the sewer system if it's available within 200 feet. He also said the ordinance sets a $750 tap fee for hooking up but arrangements can be made to pay it monthly.

Moye also said the health department will not permit a septic tank if sewer is available.

Williams said his brother had to buy a pump to access the sewer system and if that's the case he would have to purchase one also. He also noted there were people in the Holt Subdivision who are not hooked up to sewer.

Mayor Dewey Bondurant Jr., said the town has ordinances mandating sewer hook up. He said when the sewer lines were installed in the Holt Subdivision while Joe Brantley was mayor is was not mandated people hook up.

“That was a mistake,” Bondurant said.

Councilwoman Lillian Dean said she never knew a new service required a $750 tap fee and has never read where the people on Martin Luther King Drive or Holt Subdivision were required to hook up to the sewer.

“There are many people who are not hooked up to the sewer system,” Dean said.

Moye said that Williams called in to have water service to the house and said he was told the health department would not allow the septic tank.

Mayor Bondurant said a lot of people in the Holt Subdivision opted not to hook up to the sewer system when it was first installed. He said since then, the council has made it mandatory.


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