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By Gretchen McPherson
Ledger Staff 

Bat wielding man jailed for assault

Threatens woman with children at home


January 16, 2020

A Century man who wielded a baseball bat and threatened to kill everyone in an apartment where he was living Jan. 2 faces felony assault charges.

Brian Oneil Madison, 32, was arrested and charged with one count felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when law enforcement officers dispatched to 21 Cottage Street in Century found a male, later identified as Madison, extremely irate and screaming, along with damage in several rooms of an apartment, according to an Escambia County Sheriff's Office report.

When officers arrived, the report said they observed a male pacing back and forth, pacing through the house. Officers knocked on the door and advised their presence. Another resident and seven children, who also live in the apartment, then exited through the door outside.

Madison then attempted to close the door in the officer's face, but he was unable to because the officer put his foot in the door, the report said. The officer made contact with Madison, who was still upset. The officer tried to find out why he was so upset, but Madison would not say, he just kept saying the wanted to leave.

The officer spoke with the female resident who said she was in a bedroom with one of the children when she heard Madison get off the couch and enter the bathroom, where he began throwing up, the report said. She said he then entered the bedroom where she was and began screaming at her, wanting to know where all of his belongings were. Madison then went to exit the resident and the female followed. When she reached the front door, Madison snatched her out of the house, causing her to fall on the steps and began screaming at her but not making any sense, the report said.

One of the children then exited the apartment and saw them outside where Madison was standing over the woman screaming. Madison then let go of the woman and she advised the child to go back inside the bedroom and lock the door. The child obeyed and called 911, according to the report.

When all the children were safely inside and locked in the bedroom, the female watched Madison reenter the residence armed with a baseball bat. She then attempted to hide in the bathroom, when Madison struck the door with a baseball bat, the report said.

The female told the officers Madison then grabbed her by the throat and began threatening that he ought to hit her with the baseball bat. He then struck the bathroom sink with the bat, causing the sink to break.

Officers interviewed the child who called 911 and the child's statements were consistent with those of the female victim.

When officers walked through the residence, they observed several broken tables, one bed that had been turned over and the bathroom sink that appeared to be smashed.

Madison was arrested and transported to the Escambia County Jail. He was given no bond at this time.


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