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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

White supremacy replaces Russian collusion


August 15, 2019

After perpetuating a preposterous hoax for over two years, the corrupt cabal of Federal Bureaucrats, Democrats, and media determined to topple President Trump have found a new grotesque lie. The accusation that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the presidency has been a ridiculous ruse since its inception. Despite the incessant speculative whining of House Democrats, everyone knows Trump never colluded with Russians. The Mueller Report did not end it, but his pathetic Congressional testimony coupled with absurd Democrat antics have finally snuffed out any scintilla of credibility. This saga is far from over though as evidence of FBI and DOJ misconduct seeps out; the facts will eventually show this fraud to smear Trump was actually a cover up of malfeasance in the Obama administration. But that’s another story.

The task at hand for leftists is still to defeat Trump, but with Russian collusion dead and impeachment plain silly even for many Democrats – they need a new tactic. However, Democrats realize they cannot match Trump in any policy battle. Trump revived the economy. His foreign policy has not started any new wars (which Americans like), but he is pushing back against all our enemies. They may not be vanquished, but they are no longer advancing on us. The immigration struggle continues, but Trump is the first President in decades to change the debate and finally make progress. And Americans are still snake bit by Obamacare to take a chance on universal health care.

So the Democrats are facing 2020 with nothing but a large cast of comical characters pretending to be presidential candidates. So their only strategy is still to destroy Trump personally and professionally. They have been casually throwing around racism for years to the point it has little effect and meaning anymore since everyone and everything is racist according to leftists. White supremacy however still has a distinct repugnant power; mostly because almost nobody accepts it much less subscribes to it.

So white supremacy is the new Democrat lie to malign Trump and his supporters. Unable to compete in the arena of ideas, Democrats want voters to believe Trump and his supporters are white supremacists and that America has a crisis of epidemic systemic racism. This premise is so fantastic it would be laughable were it not so heinous and leftists so serious in their intent to divide Americans and dismantle the republic.

Ponder for a moment how incredibly ludicrous and mendacious these suppositions are. Does anyone really think ANY US president would need Russian help to win? It’s crazy to think the Russians even have that kind of influence. Now leftists insist you believe Trump and his supporters are white supremacists?! REALLY?! If the media was not constantly trying to find white supremacists and push them into the spotlight, you couldn’t find one.

Organized by Democrats in 1865, the Klu Klux Klan might still have 8,000 members today; and those few are universally dismissed as kooks. When white supremacists organized “Unite the right” rallies in Washington in 2017 and 2018, the few dozen racist nut jobs were dwarfed by THOUSANDS of counter protesters. So how is that an epidemic of hate?! Americans roundly reject them.

During their 2017 rally, there were also demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia both for and against removing Confederate statutes. These demonstrations turned deadly violent when they were hijacked by radicals on both sides. This is also the birth of the current lie. President Trump referring to those both for and against the Confederate statues said “they were good people on both sides.” Democrats and media seized on this comment and twisted it to declare Trump was talking about Neo-Nazis. This is a demonstrably brazen and egregious lie! But Democrats from Joe Biden down still shamelessly repeat it almost daily.

The tremendous damage of this lie cannot be underestimated. Divisive beyond description, this lie incites national animosity and turmoil that will inevitably foment violence. And if it were true that our leaders were actively advancing racial oppression, violent resistance could and would be a natural response. Therefore, spreading such spurious lies risking widespread violence simply for political gain is evil and reckless.

Democrats are trying to weaponize white supremacy to take down Trump in the short range, but their long range target is to erode our Judeo-Christian culture. They can’t say that yet, but that is the ultimate target when they shout white supremacy. Leftists know socialism will not be possible until Christianity is neutralized. First, they must overthrow Trump and then the republic. This very dangerous nonsense will only be stopped if Democrats are soundly and overwhelmingly defeated at the ballot box. Pray for America’s redemption!

“They conceive trouble and give birth to evil; their womb fashions deceit." Job 15:35


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