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By Lou Vickery
Guest Writer 

The Sunshine Report


August 1, 2019

In a previous book entitled: Traveling Tips Along Success Road (Upword Press, 2008), I wrote this about the anatomy of success:

SUCCESS IS not everything but striving to succeed is. It is having a badge of honor of giving the most we have and being productive to the peak of our capacities.

SUCCESS IS mentally painting big pictures and then working to turn those pictures into reality. It is setting ‘stretch’ goals and working relentlessly toward their accomplishment.

SUCCESS IS built on following a process to success. This process entails things that have proven to work…and things that encompasses high standards of thought and behavior. It means we hold these standards sacred, without conveniently changing them when things fail to go as planned.

SUCCESS IS desiring things from ourselves, as well as desiring things for ourselves. It stems from a belief that to receive something we have to give something... and the giving always comes first.

SUCCESS IS being thankful for what we have, then striking out to make it better. It is the belief that we count for something special to ourselves… as well as to others.

SUCCESS IS having a code of conduct that moves us forward as if the limits of what we are capable of doing does not exist.

SUCCESS IS the feeling that we are doing what our heart desires...and putting every ounce of our being in doing it to the best of our abilities.

SUCCESS IS not something we is something we create one task – or even one thought - at a time. And the more comfortable we become with success, the easier it becomes to achieve success.

SUCCESS IS having a motivation of our own choosing -- of always striving to be better today than we did yesterday.


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