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By Joe Thomas
Ledger Editor 

Keep dumping, you'll get trashed


June 20, 2019

OK, I get it. Several months ago I published pictures, ran stories and wrote a column and editorial about the illegal dumping at the dumpster behind Flomaton Town Hall. The town's response was to place cameras and begin prosecuting those who dumped illegal stuff in the dumpster.

Since that time, the dumpster behind the Tri-City Ledger has been filled with household garbage and other items. About a week ago, I think I got all the remains of a wedding reception dumped in my dumpster. Maybe not enough information to prosecute, but I do know who the bride and groom were because I found a fan with their names imprinted.

So, here's my warning. If not by the time you read this column today (Thursday) or tomorrow cameras will be installed to catch the people putting garbage and trash in the dumpster that I pay for every month.

This is not a warning, this is a fact. When I do catch somebody dumping in my dumpster I will have them arrested and they will end up on the front page of my newspaper.

I've checked. You can be charged with trespassing and illegal dumping and if I catch you on camera you won't have much of a defense.

I still scratch my head about why people feel the need to take their garbage and trash to somebody else's dumpster.

I'm not a fan of the dumpster behind town hall because it gets abused. If you live within the town limits of Flomaton, you are required to have garbage service at your house; if you live within the town limits of Century you are required to have garbage service at your house; if you live anywhere in Escambia County, Ala., you are mandated to be on garbage service.

So, why do you have to haul your garbage somewhere else? I'm confused.

There are a few people I've given permission to dump in my dumpster at the Ledger; one is the one who collects trash along Highway 31 in front of my office down to Hurricane Park. I won't mention his name, because the sign his designating the 'Adopt-A-Mile' along the road, says done by 'anonymous'. I'm not going to call Larry Jones out, but I appreciate what he does to keep the roadway clean.

So, I have to wonder if this is personal. I complain about illegal dumping behind town hall and 'I'll show you Joe Thomas' by illegally dumping at the Ledger?

Some 15 to 20 years ago, I took pictures and wrote a column about the idiots who were leaving deer guts and hides at the creek at Wolf Log Road. Two days later, I had deer guts and hides dumped in my front yard. Class act from whoever did that. By the time I discovered it every cat and dog in the neighborhood had it stretched down the street. Whoever did it made the pets in the neighborhood happy.

But I still scratch my head trying to understand why people need to raid other people's dumpsters when they are required to have garbage pickup at their house. I hope somebody can one day explain that to me, because I'm at a loss here.

Like every other Flomaton resident, I have one of those big blue trash cans at my house that I pay for every month to put my garbage in. Every resident in Century has a can, every resident in the county has a can. Why take your garbage away from your house?

So, this is my warning shot. If and when I catch somebody dumping in the dumpster behind the Tri-City Ledger, you will be charged; I will prosecute and I will put your name in the paper with a copy of the photo of you dumping in my dumpster.


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