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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

A controversial waste


June 6, 2019

After almost two years of intense yet insipid national turmoil, the Special Counsel investigating the 2016 Presidential Election finally completed and submitted their report. Due to previous indictments of several Russians, we knew the Special Counsel believed Russians did attempt to interfere in our political process. Hardly an earth shattering revelation, does anyone doubt the Russians are always meddling in our affairs? Or for that matter, the Chinese? The Iranians? Or any of our enemies?

But leftists across politics and throughout the press were holding their breath for the verdict on President Trump. Did he collude with Russia to win the presidency? Did he obstruct justice? Stunned and sorely disappointed, Democrats were apoplectic to learn the Special Counsel found NO collusion and insufficient evidence for obstruction of justice! Just like the 2016 election, Democrats were having none of it. They refused to accept the election results and they won’t accept any exoneration of Trump. There must be something! Anything!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could not deliver the goods, but he gave Democrats hope and enough uncertainty to continue driving their lie laden impeachment truck past the truth. With no charges defined, Democrats were struggling to find new direction and momentum toward impeachment. So Mueller held a contradictory press conference to point the Democrats in the right direction.

Mueller opened stating the report speaks for itself and he would not comment beyond the report; and then he continued to pontificate beyond the report. He stated it would be unfair to comment on the guilt or innocence of anyone already charged because they had the benefit of the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in the judicial process. That is the foundation of American jurisprudence, but apparently it doesn’t apply to Trump.

In a truly breathtaking statement, Mueller said “if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

WHAT?! What happened to not commenting on guilt or innocence?! In one fell swoop, Mueller turned the traditional presumption of innocence on its head. It’s actually a moronic declaration. Mueller could make that assessment for literally every American citizen. Can he say with confidence any of us have not committed a crime? By his reckless reasoning, every citizen must be ready to prove their innocence against any frivolous spurious charge.

Appointed to investigate and make determinations, Mueller failed his mission miserably. He punted that duty to Attorney General William Barr. Mueller said he had insufficient evidence for obstruction charges and Barr agreed, so Barr concluded the matter. Unsatisfied, Mueller used his press conference to again pry open the door to obstruction.

This is egregious prosecutorial misconduct. If a prosecutor cannot make indictments, he cannot dump all the dirt he found for others to dig through. Our system does not allow anyone to be continuously maligned by a failed investigation. In effect, Mueller cast doubt to leave Trump to prove his innocence of undefined crimes – totally un-American.

Mueller also lied to double down on that doubt. He insinuated that DOJ guidance that a sitting president cannot be indicted was his excuse for not referring charges. He cannot indict, but he could have made determinations on whether or not a crime was committed. Independent Counsel Ken Starr determined President Bill Clinton committed several crimes. And those charges were rightly passed to Congress to consider impeachment. But Mueller failed to give this Congress any finding of fact on obstruction. So the witch-hunt will continue.

Mueller seemed to invite the Congress to pursue impeachment, but here he essentially reveals the truth about this whole fiasco. It’s never been about criminality; it’s purely partisan politics. His investigation failed to find criminal conduct, so if the Congress takes up impeachment, it’s solely political assassination to undermine a sitting president.

The great dilemma for Democrats is their base is frothing for impeachment, but average Americans will not lightly suffer a partisan hit job paralyzing the nation for another two years. Democrats may and probably can impeach Trump, but they have little chance the Senate will remove him from office.

Seasoned Democrats know this, but some hope relentless smearing will eventually drive Trump’s popularity down to make him vulnerable in 2020. Again, such partisan sniping could backfire catastrophically. Perhaps the Democrats would have continued regardless of Mueller’s findings, but Mueller did the nation a great disservice by not resolving this matter. He has shown himself to be just another pathetic partisan hack and his investigation was a colossal waste of time.

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” Ephesians 5:6


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