Byrne re-elected to U.S. Congress

After Tuesday’s General Election Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne was re-elected to serve for another 4 years as Alabama’s representative from District 1 to the U.S House of Representatives.

Byrne has held the office since the Dec. 2013 special election. This will be Byrnes third term serving as a U.S. Congressman.

From Escambia County Ala., Byrne won by 68.82% over challenger Robert Kennedy, Jr., who carried 31.16% of the vote. With a total of 12,073 votes cast in Escambia County, Byrne received 8, 310 and Kennedy received 3,763.

In a press release Wed., Byrne addressed the constituents from all of Alabama’s District 1.

"I am honored by the faith the residents of Southwest Alabama have put in me to continue to serve as their voice in Congress. We had so many great supporters throughout this campaign, and Rebecca and I truly appreciate all the hard work that went into the victory.”

Byrne continued to thank his supporters.

"Following the Senate special election in 2017, some thought Democrats had the opportunity to win throughout our state. What we saw on Tuesday night was pretty clear: Alabamians support commonsense, conservative candidates who stand up for the values and priorities of Alabama. We must continue to elect those kind of individuals to represent our great state.”

Byrne also addressed his concerns over national results from Tuesday’s General Election.

"At the national level, I was pleased to see Republicans make gains in the Senate, but disappointed in the results on the House side. Some truly outstanding public servants lost Tuesday night, and our country will certainly miss their contribution and service. Despite the results, I promise you two things will not change: I will continue to fight each and every day for Alabama, our values, and our priorities, and I will continue to stand up to support President Trump and his conservative, pro-growth agenda."

After the election, Democrats now are in the majority control of the House of Representatives while Republicans gained seats in the U.S. Senate.