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By Joe Thomas
Ledger Editor 

Crapps says council needs respect


October 18, 2018

Flomaton Councilman Buster Crapps took to the podium Monday night to say in all his years of public service he's never seen such disrespect the town employees have for members of the town council.

He noted that the current council has two more years left on the current term and most are getting older.

“In all my years as a public servant, whether it be in law enforcement or on the city council, I've never seen a council disrespected like this one,” Crapps said.

He noted he's served with three different mayors since the 1980s.

“Mayor, under your leadership this council has been threatened with arrest, impeachment and employees are hired and fired without our knowledge,” Crapps said. “Even on our own state representative doesn't honor our 5-1 vote.”

“As President Truman once said, 'The buck stops here',” Crapps added. “The mayor needs to lead. The council needs to budget. We need to unite and do our jobs to the best of our ability for the taxpayers of Flomaton because without them none of us would be here. Respect us and we'll respect you.”

Mayor Dewey Bondurant Jr., told Crapps he had started that conversation with Police Chief Bryan Davis and Utilities Superintendent Shaun Moye, agreeing respect for the council was not there.

“A lot of people just don't respect me,” Mayor Bondurant said. “A lot of people don't respect any of us.”


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