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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Shameful sham to short-sheet the Senate


September 27, 2018

Unable to stop the inevitable confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court through the legitimate Senate confirmation hearings, Democrats threw a Hail Mary stink bomb to derail the whole process. Yes, they are trying to smear Kavanaugh, but their real targets are public opinion, the Senate process, and the rule of law. Democrats don’t really care about the alleged sexual misconduct or Christine Blasey Ford, but every day they impede the confirmation with salacious high drama is another day the tremendous successes of President Trump’s policies are kept out of the headlines.

Democrats have a multi-faceted strategy: deny news coverage of the roaring economy and steady international gains, paint Republicans as insensitive misogynists, set a premise to circumvent Senate rules, excite their base for the midterm elections, and a possible bonus would be forcing Kavanaugh to abandon his nomination. Initially, the opposition to Kavanaugh was motivated by trying to preserve a malleable Supreme Court and protect abortion, but Democrats know they cannot overturn the Senate majority. So they had nothing to lose with a last ditch dirty gamble.

Despite the absurdly tenuous claim by Ford, Democrats ably assisted by their corrupt media cohorts got some traction with this ridiculous long shot. Democrats know Ford’s allegations don’t hold water; that’s why Senator Diane Feinstein sat on it for a couple months and only brought it up AFTER the hearings had concluded. They are relying on their loyal press and willfully ignorant base to accept and repeat the simple notion Kavanaugh somehow wronged this innocent Trump hating feminist activist wall flower. Facts and truth be damned.

Outside of the hyper partisan rarefied halls of Washington, Ford’s allegations barely merit a police report. Ford’s demands for an FBI investigation are laughable; no law enforcement agency can investigate any accusation when the purported victim cannot provide a time or place or even remember who was there, especially 35+ years later. She tried to name four witnesses, but three have already denied her account including her lifelong friend, a Democrat woman (note that won’t be widely reported). But again, none of that matters; the only item Democrats insist you believe is that Kavanaugh assaulted a girl.

Realizing the trap, Republicans are trying to handle this scam delicately by inviting Ford to be heard. She demanded to be heard until asked to testify; then her attorneys back tracked with all manner of silly conditions to circumvent due process. It appears Ford will testify, but since Democrats are adamant of her veracity and the media is determined to prove any lie, they are cleverly maneuvering this entire fiasco into an unprovable accusation. It boils down to a simple “he said - she said” about decades old alleged high school shenanigans.

Democrats don’t expect Ford’s fabrications to be proved, but rather only hope to paralyze the Senate confirmation process. Like two year olds throwing a tantrum for no particular reason, they are betting uninformed voters will view Republicans as hateful parents for ignoring their nonsensical cries. When Republicans eventually proceed and confirm Kavanaugh, the Democrats will use it as a campaign wedge issue to try and convince the public Republicans confirmed a sexual predator because they don’t care about women.

Americans are intrinsically sympathetic to victims, so as long as Democrats swear to the lie, the media echo chamber may be enough to give some voters some doubt. And that may be enough to swing midterm elections. Forget all the real challenges facing America and Trump’s successes thus far; just remember Republicans are bad people. That is actually the only thing Democrats are running on; they are offering no solutions.

The injustice to Kavanaugh is nauseating and watching Democrats make a mockery of the rule of law and genuine sexual misconduct is quite aggravating, but it may backfire. Real victims are repulsed by this gross exploitation of sexual misconduct; and thinking Americans are appalled at the vicious character assassination of a good man. Basking in their ruse, Democrats may have jumped the shark. The press loves this charade, but there is little evidence the public is swallowing the propaganda. To the contrary, conservatives are incensed and many more Americans are disgusted. Democrats may have inadvertently stoked Trump’s base for the midterms with their unfair unconscionable antics. November will tell.

“She is now in the streets, now in the squares, and lurks by every corner.” Proverbs 7:12


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