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By Joe Thomas
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Efforts to help Hammond's sight underway


July 19, 2018

Friends of Century resident Eddie Hammond have launched a fundraising campaign to help raise $10,000 to get Hammond a pair of glasses that will give him the ability to see again.

Hammond, 57, suffered an eye injury when he was 12-years old that caused glumacoma in his left eye. Years later the glumacoma moved to the right eye.

“Four years ago I had a retina detachment in my right eye that left me totally blind in my right eye,” Hammond said. “I have very limited vision in my left eye and as a result I can only see the world around me in a blur of shapes, colors and motions.”

Hammond's eye problems forced him to leave his job as the natural gas superintendent at the town of Century. The condition has left Hammond unable to drive and dependent on friends and family.

On July 11, Hammond tried on 'Esight', a pair of electronic glasses and he said the results were absolutely amazing.

“I was able to see 20/20,” he said.

He said 'Esight' stands for electronic sight and the glasses are a break-through piece of technology that replicates the natural sight for people like him.

“It's the only device that allows me to see like a sighted person can,” Hammond said. “These glasses would benefit every aspect of my life. They would help me to regain my independence, see my grandchild and to live a better life.”

The cost of the 'Esight' glasses runs around $10,000.

An account has been set up at United Bank for donations. Donations can also be made to an Esight Go Fund Me Account at

For the first seven days all donations to either account will be matched 50 cents on the dollar up to $2,000.

Flomaton Fire Chief Steve Stanton said the goal is to get as much as possible in the first seven days and then he plans to hold a fundraiser to help the cause.

For more information, contact Stanton at 850-393-8807.


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