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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Aiming for a stalemate and a steal!


August 20, 2020

Does anyone seriously believe the polls? Supposedly Joe Biden is beating President Trump in polls across the country and often by double digits, so perhaps that’s why he is comfortable hiding in his basement and avoiding actually campaigning. According to pollsters and the press, Sleepy Joe pretty much has the presidential election in the bag. The Democrat media complex has worked overtime to fabricate the narrative that America has hit the skids. The economy is collapsing, the world hates us, schools can’t reopen, sports can’t be played, most of us will die in the pandemic, and Trump has everyone so aggravated they are burning our cities. The strategy is Americans will blame Trump for all the despair and turmoil, so to escape from this manufactured hell on earth; just vote for Biden and you will get the change you deserve.

Biden readily tells Americans he will raise taxes, send Beto for our guns, stop building the border wall, restore free trade, and renew a loving relationship with the cuddly Chinese. We are to believe Americans are really not that attached to freedom, so they will gladly trade liberty for free college and healthcare and a society devoid of any moral impediments. When Biden is elected, the police will be abolished and the people can just while away the days admiring sidewalk chalk art while they wait on their government checks. It will be a wonderful world of free gummi bears, drugs, and no work unless you really want a job.

It all sounds pretty absurd because it is. Although a disconcerting number of our youth actually like that scenario, Democrats know they can’t disclose their progressive agenda and win the presidential election. If the polls ring true, why are Democrats still supporting widespread rioting? Why not take a breath because ole Sleepy Joe is on the way?

The fact is the Democrat Party knows they are losing. Their platform is a loser; that’s why they are only campaigning against Trump and not for their vision for America. Panic stricken, they have expended every energy and tried all manner of malicious tactics to convince Americans the country is in shambles. America is really just an evil nation that can only be redeemed by Democrat “wokeness.” But that probably won’t work either.

Selecting Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President is actually evidence Democrats expect to lose. She checks the box as a woman of color to hopefully stem hemorrhaging black votes, but beyond that she brings nothing to the ticket. Hovering around 2% in the Democrat primary, she doesn’t bring any following. The radical leftist wing dislikes her, so the Bernie Bros still only have Biden’s poor imitation of Sanders. And they don’t need her to deliver California. If Democrats had any real hope of winning, would they put a Senate back bencher in line to be president behind a man not expected to complete a full term?

Come on man! Does anyone really think Americans will vote for a 78 year old man showing unmistakable signs of cognitive decline? So what’s the real plan? The Democrat strategy is to force a stalemate in a close election and then steal the election in the courts.

Their model is the 2000 election when the results could not be called for weeks. Armies of attorneys will descend on states to protest the count and introduce thousands of ballots Democrats always seem to find days after Election Day. That’s why there is a fever pitch demand for mail in ballots. In this pandemic it’s too dangerous to vote in person, but perfectly fine to riot. They will harvest thousands of votes from the millions of ballots randomly and recklessly mailed across the land to dead people, cats, dogs, and whoever moved away. They will fill out those ballots and submit them; in short Democrats will cheat on a grand scale.

The Democrat media complex will howl voter fraud is simply conspiratorial and impossible, but everywhere it has been tried; it has failed. A New York Congressional primary weeks later still doesn’t have a final tally and in New Jersey four Democrats face felony voter fraud charges for mail in ballots.

Democrats need a close election for any hope of stealing it, so they are certainly pursuing massive voter fraud. Americans cannot afford a close election or we will have a chaotic vicious replay of the 2000 election. That’s why President Trump must win in a landslide to deny Democrats the opportunity to purloin the presidency and spare the nation another incredibly divisive episode. We will need every vote!

“Nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:10


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