Fatherless, Godless, hopeless

America is ablaze literally and figuratively. In a prolonged temper tantrum, anarchists and assorted malcontents have rioted, looted, and burned cities across the country for weeks. Average Americans are aghast watching incessant senseless violence on the nightly news, infuriated when elected leaders blame the police writ large, and then stunned when pundits scold law abiding citizens as culpable for the carnage and turmoil. Despite all of these cities being run by Democrats for decades, leftists insists it’s Republicans’ fault, it’s conservatives’ fault, it’s your fault. Anybody but the policy makers or the criminals. However, few will admit or examine that the nation smolders on the ash heap of the once strong American family.

In the post-war generation, 87.7% of children grew up with married parents; today only 68.1% of children will grow up in an intact family with both parents. 33% of American children live in homes absent their biological father. For white children the percentage has more than doubled the past half century to 20.7%, but this crisis of fatherhood hits minority families much harder. 31.2% of Hispanic children live without their fathers and a staggering 57.6% of black children live without their fathers. Mothers are surely vital, but fathers are just as important.

As we survey the wreckage of American society, it’s abundantly apparent the absence of fathers has been devastating. Before we even consider the deleterious effects on society, the damage to our children is breathtaking and tragic. Children without fathers are more likely to exponentially suffer every social ill from abuse to criminal activity to drug abuse to incarceration to poverty.

The past few decades Dads have been denigrated as dolts and cast as intolerant bigots in popular culture. In the vast majority of movies and TV programs, fathers are educated by their smart alec children where a half century ago children in entertainment learned wisdom from their fathers. The past few years this assault on men in general has become more vicious accusing men of toxic masculinity with the sole intent of silencing men in society and driving them out of the family as expendable and useless. That’s not to relieve men of shirking their familial and societal responsibilities. Too many men have frivolously abdicated their roles.

Toxic feminism has been unchallenged for decades as they malign men in general and assert their superiority in every realm. They blame men for all our social problems and endlessly complain about the tyranny of our patriarchal society; they insist women will run things better. Women are certainly capable and they have risen to leadership across the land. In the 21st century, the patriarchal society has arguably faded from the fore with women running many cities and states. With the alpha male banished, most of the men running cities and states are lily livered beta males without any courage or strength in their convictions to stand up to the political correctness and general nonsense ravaging our culture.

America has succumbed to a feminized society. The widespread mayhem we are witnessing and the irrational ideas we are hearing like defunding the police are because the strong and empathetic men in our culture are silent, but mostly because fathers are missing in action. It’s fathers that teach respect; respect for self, respect for others, respect for authority, and respect for our great nation. Fathers instill discipline and standards of conduct; they teach morality, right from wrong. Fathers should be the spiritual leaders of their families inculcating their children with a reverent love of God and country.

Fathers are not perfect, but without them society devolves into anarchy as immature young people who can’t control their emotions and have no clue how an orderly society operates with equality, opportunity, and prosperity for all take to the streets offering only chaos and absurd solutions that have never worked anywhere. America without strong fathers is a recipe for disaster and the evidence is burning in our cities right now.

On this Father’s Day, we desperately need an urgent call to national action. We need fathers to return to their families, to love them. We need fathers to stand tall and lead this country to the noble ideals enshrined in our Constitution by our founders. A fatherless America will be corrupt and destitute; and worse a Godless nation will fail with untold misery. Without fathers and God, America is hopeless. Daddies, it’s past time to come home.

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4