By Earline Smith Crews
Guest Writer 

Something to ponder on for the future


June 18, 2020

As time takes us into the future, I have been thinking about how we are destroying our future in persuit of perfection I am wondering what effects we are having on the ground water. Let me explain, hopefully some smarter than myself will have a reasonable answer.

Big concern is seeing all the enhanced boobs everwhere. When I was a young girl if we noticed a large chested girl, THAT was something to be noticed. Now if a young lady isn't naturally OVERSIZED by high school graduation, some are given a silicone pair by her parents as a gift.

Self esteem and all that new age crap.

Otherwise some make payments on a pair working at fast food jobs while taking college classes.

Then, her lips start to plump and bulge with creases. Looking like a hooting chimpanzee she adds her lipstick with lines drawn outside that "selfie pucker".

Injections of Botox ( Botulinum Toxin) a deadly poison that causes plumping and all manner of awful side effects. (Google it)!

Before life gives her a real reason for a migraine she starts looking for crows feet that she thinks a bit of Botox filler will smooth away. She doesn't want what her youthful smiling and laughing has put around her eyes and mouth.

Then she starts looking for financing to get spider veins collapsed, her tummy tucked, her stomach stapled and her eyebrows tatooed on.

Got to have bones poking out all over to feel good about herself.

She spends hours in a tanning bed trying for the healthy look.

She spends thousands on stellito heels that wreck her feet while stalking around like pond birds.

She joins dating sites looking for the perfect love connection.

She spends all her loose change in the lounge with her girlfriends complaining about the fact there are no good men around.

Don't she dare look in the fields as they ride John Deere tractors and construction sites riding bulldozers and banks sorting stacks of Benjamin's and Waffel House flipping pancakes and ship building tycons and long haul truckers hauling and just good old Bubba's at the BBQ joints.

They never measure up for her and her kind, just watch those "peck packs" in TV commercials. That is what she has to have to feel good about herself.

"Girl, you need to rethink yourself".

"If you are so high end, why do you keep messing with what the Good Lord gave you?"

She joins the gym to exercise and stops going because her tights are too tight and those mean girls keep looking sideways at her.

She goes home to lay in her childhood bed at the home she was raised in because she cannot afford her own place.

Her clothes must be skin tight and cut down to her navel and up to cheek showing level.

She carries her membership cards sans chick change in her Nordstroms Miu Miu calfskin bag.

Now don't jump on me yet, I KNOW not all are in pursuit of perfection, but the ones getting noticed are, Sad!

Let me share something that has me concerned.

When all this generation starts to die off and are buried in the ground, think about all the leeching off of that chemical mess into the ground water. I'll be long gone and won't suffer the mistakes, but many of you and your offspring will.

Plastic surgeons will be the richest on earth, Dermotoligists will be overworked cutting out basel cells, Podiatrist will be in short supply. Morticians will see the ravages left behind in the "Pursuit of Perfection".

Credit cards debts will be passed off to the middle class.



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