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By Joe Thomas
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Cottrell brings back his $2 bill stimulus

Pharmacy employees given $200 in $2 bills with instruction to spend it locally


April 23, 2020

Joe Thomas

Cottrell, right, hands out $2 bills to Flomaton Medical Center Pharmacy employees, from left, Leslie Edwards, Laura Bryan and Hannah Helton

In 2009, Danny Cottrell made national news with his $2 bill stimulus package during the recession. The owner of Flomaton Medical Center Pharmacy in Flomaton, Brewton Medical Center Pharmacy in Brewton and Cottrell's Pharmacy in East Brewton has brought the $2 bill program back.

On April 14, Cottrell gave each of his 30 employees $200 in $2 bills. His only instructions were to spend the money at their local businesses.

"A lot of businesses are struggling through this coronavirus," Cottrell said. "They need us to shop locally. I want them to spend the money at local restaurants and local businesses and hopefully the $2 bills will remind them to shop local."

Back in 2009 when many businesses were laying people off, Cottrell gave his employees a bundle of $2 bills with similar instructions when they were told to give at least 15 percent to a charity or someone who needed the money more than they did and spend the rest at local businesses.

He said he resurrected the $2 bill bonus this year to emphasize the need for local people to spend their money at their local stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's really not a lot of money, but it's a different type of bonus and hopefully the $2 bills will show up at our local stores and restaurants," Cottrell. "As those $2 bills get passed around I hope other people will realize the importance of supporting their local businesses."

Cottrell said he not only wanted to do something to help the local businesses, but his employees as well.

"I wanted to do something for them," he said. "They are working under tough circumstances and working extra hours. I wanted to help them, but I also wanted them to help the local businesses."


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