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By Stephanie Cunningham
Ledger Staff 

Do we hear information anymore?


January 30, 2020

Every morning I wake up and my phone alerts me to CNN’s ‘5 things to start your day’. I usually read through it and make mental notes on things that I find important or pressing. Next, as I stretch, I say the words “Hey Google, good morning,” at which point my home assistant greets me as warmly as a robot can, turns on my bedroom and living room lamps, informs me of the weather forecast for the day, and fills me in on the top news stories hitting FOX and Bloomburg. (See, I cover all my bases when it comes to biased television newscasts.)

So being surrounded by all this information really got me thinking. Do any of us actually listen to it anymore?

Here we are in a day and age where technological advancements are made on a daily basis. Information and news comes at us from every direction. Tips, guides, advise from experts are being thrown at us, but do we heed any of it?

Have we become so inundated with information that we have become deaf to it?

Now, I will tell you that sometimes here at the office at the Ledger, we will turn on the television and listen to major developing events. One such event is the ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Of course we are interested in what is being said, but ya’ll, do you know what we are not interested in? The choice of snacks of the waiting Senators.

It really makes me wonder in this day and age of lighting-fast information, why was this information included? I mean are people really listening to the news any more to allow this trivial stuff to make the ‘mark’ as hard-core news?

Maybe we all need to take a moment think and listen to the information surrounding us. And maybe, it wouldn’t hurt to respond by letting it be known what we find newsworthy and what we don’t.


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