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Holliman was just 'dog gone' wrong on plan


December 19, 2019

You don't have to be a PETA-loving person to know what Johnathan D. Holliman is accused of doing is wrong. The Brewton man is accused of tying a tracking dog that was in pursuit of him to a tree.

OK, we'll give Holliman a little bit of credit. I guess if any of us were running from the law and we had an opportunity to throw the tracking dogs off course, we'd take it. He probably didn't have the pepper used by Cool Hand Luke, but he did what he thought he should do to escape capture.

Holliman apparently fled when officers arrived at a construction site to arrest him for violating his probation. One report said he was wanted on multiple felony drug charges at the time.

He fled and the dogs were put on his trail. In addition to his VOP and other charges, he now faces charges of harassing a police animal and animal cruelty. He's accused of tearing his shirt to make a leash to tie the tracking dog to a tree.

The problem we have is that once Holliman was captured he didn't reveal that the dog had been tied to the tree so the beagle sat tied to that tree for about three days as correctional officers searched the woods for him or her, we don't know, but a name like 'Jewel' tells us it was a girl.

Holliman appears to be in a lot of trouble for his other charges, but it's hard for us to understand why he didn't tell law enforcement officers that he left an innocent dog tied to a tree with no water and no food for three days.

It appears that Holliman is in a lot of trouble for his other actions and he better hope he doesn't sit in front of a jury of pet owners when he's tried.


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