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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Impeachment: 2020 campaign platform


November 21, 2019

Americans have been hearing incessant calls for impeachment pretty much since President Trump was elected. Some are vaguely aware there are actually public hearings for impeachment, but most Americans are paying scant attention and care even less. They get it. Democrats loathe Trump and will say or do anything to destroy, undermine, or remove him. After 3 years of non-stop fever pitching smearing of Trump, it’s a tedious and tired old story.

So you would expect when Democrats finally debut their secret impeachment inquiry to the public, it would be a gripping shocking bombshell. Nope. So far the public impeachment hearings have been a dud, worse than any Hollywood sequel. No actual evidence, no smoking gun, and most notably no impeachable offenses. Congressman John Ratcliffe (R, TX) asked both first day witnesses what was the impeachable offense? Both stared back silently.

They could not answer because there was no impeachable offense and because this whole charade is an intensely partisan assault for purely political gain; it has nothing to do with foreign policy or the rule of law. Both Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent and Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor had to admit they had no firsthand knowledge of the supposedly damaging phone call in question and could only relay what they had heard from other people.

So the long awaited public impeachment hearings that would excite Americans into demanding Trump’s immediate removal kicked off with two guys who didn’t know of any impeachable offenses and could only offer second and third hand hearsay? The House and all news programing paused for this? No wonder nobody was watching. Congressman Mike Quigley (D, IL) tried to cover the lack of evidence by declaring “Hearsay can be much better evidence.” That only holds in a Soviet show trial.

The witnesses also clarified that ALL US aid is indeed conditional, so the president asking for cooperation investigating corruption is not just common place, it’s standard procedure. Democrats want you to believe Trump is a Russian stooge harming Ukraine, but the first two days of testimony also highlighted that it was the Obama Administration that stood idly by while Russia plundered Ukraine. It was the Trump Administration that allowed military aid to flow again and has been more helpful to Ukraine in resisting Russia.

The second day of impeachment hearings was even more boring than the first. Democrats called former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who had been fired by Trump last May, so she was gone before the call. She admitted she had no knowledge of the call or any of the allegations against Trump, but she was dismayed with her dismissal. So Congressman Jim Jordan, (R, OH) just had to ask “why is she here?”

So far none of the impeachment hearings have presented anything to justify impeachment. None of the witnesses or their testimony matter; they have not changed any minds. But that’s because impeachment is not the goal. Sure, Democrats will certainly impeach Trump, but they don’t need grounds. Hating Trump is grounds enough for Democrats. And the Senate will not remove Trump, so why go through all this turmoil?

Precisely because it is turmoil. It’s constant high anxiety, bickering, and sniping. It’s plain raw politics and it’s exhausting; not to mention nauseating to average Americans. Democrats are hoping to soften up Trump for 2020 by painting him as embattled, ineffective, and compromised. All the drama and relentless attacks on Trump will only end when he is gone, so Democrats are betting Americans will dump him to stop the madness.

This is a very risky strategy, but Democrats can’t beat Trump on performance and policy. And the Democrat presidential candidates are so pathetic even they are looking for alternatives very late in the primary season. While all of this is quite aggravating, we must remember these are desperate measures by desperate people. Americans see through this utter waste of time sham, so they are more likely to end the suffering by sending the Democrats packing in 2020. The loony liberal base is screaming for blood, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi realizes impeachment as a campaign platform could very likely backfire badly and cost Democrats the House.

“Then the other administrators and high officers began searching for some fault in the way Daniel was handling government affairs, but they couldn’t find anything to criticize or condemn. He was faithful, always responsible, and completely trustworthy.” Daniel 6:4


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