By Gretchen McPherson
Ledger Staff 

'Spirit'ed employee helps others


October 31, 2019

Century’s Fusion Fine Wine and Spirits employee Carla Haynes from Brewton saw a need in the community and decided she would do what she could to help.

Haynes has worked at the store for about a year and a half and sees some of her customers often, sometimes every day. She said some customers come in with young children.

“Last year I was here and you would see kids trick-or-treating, and they didn't have anything,” said Haynes. “They'd have maybe a little paint on their face or you could tell mom did the make-up. It broke my heart. My kid and I love Halloween, we dress up every year.”

Customers put tips in the jar at the store and each employee gets to keep the tips at the end of their shift. Haynes decided she would use her tips to purchase Halloween costumes for the children of a few of her customers who may not have been able to supply them.

Haynes bought about eight different Halloween costumes using her tips and some additional money.

She said she has one customer with several children and offered to help out.

“The one lady, I got her to bring all the kids at once,” said Haynes. “I told her, I'm here and I've got the costumes here. And they were hanging in the back for several days. She brought them by and I took pictures once they put them on.”

Haynes said the customer was happy and the kids were too, which made her feel good. She has also purchased candy to give out, and plans to buy more for tonight's ghosts and goblins.

Haynes lives in rural Brewton and says she and her two sons really love to dress up each year.

Haynes decorates the store, using her own money to purchase Halloween décor to help keep the store festive for customers. She said her manager, Brian Sanders, is very supportive of her efforts.

“He doesn't really mind if I decorate,” said Haynes. “I like to go to Dirt Cheap and buy a lot of stuff and it's not expensive. I may go bigger for Halloween next year.”

Haynes knows that people struggle financially and feels like if she can help, she will do what she can.

“I'd get a little bit of money after several days saving tips and most times I added some to it to purchase the costumes,” said Haynes. “I got to see the ones who came in and took pictures. Some of the kids didn't want to take them off, and that's what it's all about, the babies.”

Haynes said she may consider doing something for Christmas if her tips will allow. She keeps her eyes open for those in need if she is able to help.

“I feel like a lot of people do stuff all the time, but a lot of time it goes unnoticed,” said Haynes. “I think people try.”


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