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Halloween is not like it was in past years


October 24, 2019

Many years ago Halloween was one of those days young children always looked forward to as they headed out through the neighborhood seeking treats in their plastic jack-o-lanterns or bag.

Most people over the age of 50 remember their parents would turn them loose while they stayed back at home to handout candy. Those days are gone and it's sad.

Back in the day, parents could turn their children loose because they knew there was a parent down the street looking out for them.

Many cities, towns and schools have moved toward fall or Halloween festivals and in this day in time it's the right move. We may be wrong, but we think Jay was the first in this area to kickoff its downtown trick-or-treat event.

Things kickoff this afternoon when Flomaton High School hosts its Harvest Festival downtown; Turtle Point Environmental Center will hold a Fall Family Fun Day this Saturday and Jay and Century will be holding events on Halloween, Oct. 31. (See story that begins on Page 1A for more details).

Halloween is a day for children. It's a day for children to dress as ghosts, goblins, vampires or even princesses.

It's still a great day but we all must remember there are people out their with their sick minds who want to turn Halloween into something different.

We've read the stories about drug-laced candy and candy that contained either razor blades or needles. It's a shame, but every year we also have to read a story from somewhere in the United States where a young child was abducted.

As we say every year around New Year's and the Fourth of July about fireworks, use your common sense.

Head to downtown Flomaton, Turtle Point, Jay and Century, but keep an eye on your child.


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