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Thank you Bryan Davis


September 26, 2019

Thank you Bryan Davis.

Davis, who has served as Flomaton's police chief since Nov. 1, 2013, will be stepping down from that position on Oct. 4 to take a position with another law enforcement agency. Although we don't know for sure what that position is, it will be for more money and more security for his future.

We first met Davis when he was over narcotics for the Brewton Police Department. He was always a straight shooter and told it like it was. We learned that Davis really cares about people. When you deal with narcotics, putting someone in jail is only a part – getting that person help will help that person avoid being arrested again.

We watched one night when Davis talked a suicidal man off the water tower next to the First Baptist Church in Flomaton. We heard the compassion in his voice as he told the young man there was a better way.

What we've seen over the past several years with Davis at the helm of the police department is a man who simply wants to help people; even if that help means putting handcuffs on them and taking them to jail. Davis was always there to help them when they got out.

“The thing I will miss most is the people I see every day,” Davis told us this week as we were writing a story about his resignation.

“When we go to ball games people come up and shake our hands and tell us thank you,” he told us. “That doesn't happen everywhere.”

To us, that's a testimony to Davis and his police officers. Too often we see news stories about communities spitting on and cursing the police officers who are there to protect them.

The respect that Davis and his staff received was due to the respect they showed to the members of this community.

“It's not always easy,” Davis told us. But he and his officers had a job do to and we feel they did it well.

Thank you Bryan Davis and good luck with your new adventure.


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