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By Gretchen McPherson
Ledger Staff 

Jay passes water inspection clear

Inspection on water, sewer in compliance


September 12, 2019

The town of Jay passed its first drinking water inspection last Thursday, Sept. 5, under the watch of Water and Wastewater Supervisor Alicia Jernigan since she came to work for the town last March. The previous week, the town passed its first waste water inspection under Jernigan also.

Jernigan said three inspectors from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), one in training, spent five hours at the plant.

“They said they were very pleased with the improvements since the last water inspection in 2016,” said Jernigan.

Alexandria Woodson, an environmental specialist of the compliance assurance program with FDEP emailed Jernigan on Aug. 21 to let her know they would be coming to inspect.

Jernigan said they asked a lot of questions and wanted to see the log books.

“They are looking to make sure there is integrity in the record-keeping,” said Jernigan. “Falsifying records can carry heavy consequences and jeopardize public health. The log books represent the 'chain of custody,' and they check to make sure readings and documents match up to comply.”

She said they found a few minor things that need to be repaired. One was a tiny crack in the lime vat seal and phosphate addition injection tube. Jernigan said she can put a clamp on it to fix it and apply some caulk and email a picture, which demonstrates compliance.

She noted that the vegetation around the park elevated storage tank tower needs to be mowed and cleaned up also, allowing access to the tank in case there are any issues.

“They basically want pictures to show the deficiencies are repaired,” said Jernigan. “Barring some issue, they will be back for next year's inspection as scheduled annually now.”

Drinking water samples are sent in the 10th of each month and wastewater the 28th of each month for testing to assure compliance, she said.


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