By Gretchen McPherson
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Gomez says he wants a voice

Century councilman said he's tired of his name being used on decisions he didn't vote on


March 28, 2019


"If I'm going to have a meeting that's not going to include the entire council and I know that there is a possibility of shining a bad light on Century or getting the council in some type of danger, I think we need to bring it to this table and say, 'I would like to attend this meeting on behalf of the council,' and I'd like to make that motion and it needs to be seconded and yes or no, for me to represent this council," is how Century Councilman Luis Gomez described his feeling Monday night about being spoken for in decisions by other council members who address the media.

"I don't want anybody representing me without my approval, so that's what I want. I want to make a motion that if my name is going to be used in a council decision that I have a vote on it and that's the motion that I make. If you're going to speak for me in front of a camera, in the newspaper, or in a meeting in this room, I want to have some say-so," Gomez said.

Gomez cited that the opinion that Century employee Toni Simmons' was not qualified to be billing clerk, as spoken by Council President Ann Brooks to the media, when the issue came up in a recent council meeting, was not accurate and did not necessarily reflect his opinion.

Gomez said he was told that media referred to the opinion of 'town leaders', which include him as a council member, but that he was not contacted, and the opinion expressed, therefore, misrepresented or omitted his opinion altogether.

In a later phone interview, Gomez clarified his position.

"The way I really feel is if someone is going to go on television, he or she needs to speak with the council," said Gomez. "They (the Century Council) knew I was in the hospital since December, and no one said, 'This man is in the hospital.' They said it like I was just missing at the council meetings, saying things like I needed to be at at least one meeting a month."

Gomez was displeased with the fact that he was allowed to call in for only one council meeting but that Brooks was included when something important was to be voted on.

"When Mrs. Brooks was on vacation, they called her for important votes," said Gomez. "They called me for one meeting, when hiring Toni as gas billing clerk was in question, but they should have called me more often. At one meeting, there were only Brooks, McMurray and Boutwell there, enough for a quorum to vote, but not enough to stop her from blocking the mayor."

Gomez said he thought there may be hidden agenda in the actions of the council president, that she seemed to him to be purposefully trying to act in a way that makes the mayor look incompetent.

"Brooks will do anything to make the mayor look like he is breaking the law," said Gomez. "She is micro-managing him and she's making decisions like she is the mayor. It's kind of hard when they are saying, 'This is the dumbest council' and 'Get them out', but I don't consider myself dumb."

Gomez said since he has been on the Century council, he has learned to have thicker skin, but he thinks the town of Century is worth it and that he is passionate about the town.

"There's a lot of corruption that has been going on in Century for years and years," he said. "I feel that's why a lot of people are leaving. When the sheriffs and marshals come to town, they won't be coming to get Luis Gomez."

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m., Monday, April 1, 2019. The public is invited.


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