Lee County overwhelmed by support

While people in this area know first hand the pain the people of Lee County, Ala., are suffering after a massive tornado ripped through Sunday killing at least 23 people and destroying homes, local officials say hold off on trying to send help.

Escambia County Emergency Management Agency Director David Adams said Lee County has shut down their donation centers.

“People want to help, but those centers are overwhelmed,” he said.

He said there may come a time they need help, but not right now.

Adams said if anyone wishes to help the victims there some options, but said it's best to try and get with a local church in Lee County that will be taking donations and tell people what they need and what they don't need.

“I know people want to help, but sometimes help gets in the way of actually getting help to the people who need it,” Adams said.

The American Red Cross of East Alabama has set up a shelter and officials are asking if people donate money at redcross.org they need to designate Lee County as the beneficiary.

Adams also said as needs arise that information will be made available through the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.

Adams, along with Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson, said there have been no requests for manpower at this time.

“I talked with Sheriff Jay Jones and he said he had enough help right now, but asked us to stand by,” Sheriff Jackson said. “If they need help, we will send it. Right now we just need to pray and send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Lee County and to all the first responders who are working around the clock.”

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