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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

A rational president with an irrational opposition


February 14, 2019

President Trump’s second State of the Union address was magnificent! Although not an orator, his delivery was excellent and his speech writers crafted a great speech. Of course Democrats and their henchmen in the mainstream media again trashed Trump, but a CBS poll of its viewers recorded an astonishing 76% positive reception. So tune out Democrat demagoguery, tedious media sniping, and fallacious vacuous pseudo intellectual distortions by liberal pundits; average Americans loved it!

Democrats claimed it was unmemorable, complained it lacked substance, chided him for being factually incorrect, and cried it was too long. Well, it was pretty long, but everything President Trump said needed to be said. Direct and demanding on cardinal issues, he was conciliatory on others. Reminding Congress the citizens expect them to govern which means solving problems, he offered his vision and also his willingness to negotiate and compromise.

With 90+% negative media coverage of Trump, Americans were probably astounded to hear the president list numerous achievements and generally good news in every regard. The roaring economy is posting 3+% growth not seen in over a decade. With a resurgence in manufacturing jobs, we have record low unemployment, more people working than ever, and wages are finally rising again. He has and is renegotiating trade deals around the globe to get not just free trade, but fair trade.

Trump unleashed our military and dispatched our diplomats with purpose, so America is not only respected again, we are taken seriously. North Korea stopped lobbing missiles and started negotiating. Trump pulled out of the horrendous Iran Nuclear Deal and restored sanctions, so Iran is declining and struggling to export terror. Declaring “Great nations don’t fight endless wars,” he boldly announced a withdrawal from Syria and his intent to withdraw from Afghanistan. The Taliban came to the negotiating table because they were tired of Trump’s military killing them by the thousands.

Trump has bipartisan success (almost never reported) with progress against the opioid epidemic and prison reform legislation. So why did Democrats sit on their hands when Trump called for action on crumbling infrastructure? How is this a partisan issue? Don’t Democrats use bridges and roads like Republicans?

With all the good news, what’s not to like? People are working and generally happy. Wars are winding down. The president is trying to address infrastructure and illegal immigration. What is so terrible in America that necessitates a rabid sometimes violent “resistance” in the streets? Across the media? And consuming the Democrat Party? The short answer is nothing except sheer blinding hatred for Trump.

Who would have ever imagined that President Trump would be the steady voice of reason and moderation? But there it was at the State of the Union. Trump was firm about border security, but compromising about “Dreamers” and other aspects of illegal immigration championed by Democrats. He exposed Democrat intransigence has stubborn and silly.

Trump was truly courageous standing up for the unborn and calling out the Democrats for wanton bloodlust with late term abortion laws and grotesque calls for post term infanticide. He showed Democrats are absolutely extreme.

Stacey Abrahams of Georgia gave the official Democrat response, but it was so disjointed and surreal, it was unsure she was even talking about America. It was forgotten before she finished. But the real Democrat response came a few days later when freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez presented her “Green New Deal.”

The Green New Deal is socialists gone wild. Pay almost all your income in taxes, so the government can provide your every need. Everyone will have a government job with terrific benefits, and even if you refuse to work, Alexandria promises to pay you. Socialists never pause to realize that confiscating the fruits of your labor and returning only your basic needs is slavery. As Venezuela collapses before our eyes, Democrats are bizarrely rallying around not just socialist propaganda, but sheer nonsense to end air flight and farting cows to save the planet. Not just extreme, Democrats are crazy.

Juxtapose Democrats’ extreme agenda and their flat refusal to compromise on even things they previously supported to Trump’s persistent offers to negotiate. They reveal themselves as radical partisan obstructionists. Trump’s closing call to Congress was grand. Recounting all the great Congressional measures throughout history and how they had advanced our common cause for liberty and prosperity, he asked them to eschew petty party politics and choose greatness! It was a wonderful moment that hopefully made some Democrats wonder if they are there to solve real problems for the people or just insult Trump for two years.

“Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Philippians 2:2


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