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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Did America choose to act or to talk?


November 8, 2018

By the time you read this, the tumultuous 2018 midterm elections will be over. We will know if Democrats were successful in their anti-Trump crusade to retake the House. This is dangerous ground for a columnist to write a column before a watershed event to be published right after it. Never the less, even without a crystal ball, it is fairly safe to predict Republicans kept the Senate and even gained seats. But what happened in the raging battle for the House?

Whatever happened, it was the will of the people. They freely voted and whatever outcome, it is the duty of every American citizen to accept it and live with it for two years. Despite all the absurd distractions like Russians, porn stars, decades old false sexual misconduct allegations, and mail bombs, Americans had a clear and stark choice to make.

However, it was difficult to learn about the distinctly different visions offered by Democrats and Republicans because the ridiculously sensationalized media could not get past their own over wrought emotions to report on agendas and fact. They bombarded the people with all manner of innuendo and a mantra that Trump is crass and mean. Unable to hold their venom to mourn the victims of the horrific senseless Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, even that heinous insanity was politicized.

Some of us are addicted and fascinated with politics, but most Americans are weary of the tedious bickering and nonsensical hyperbole. Every day the media breathlessly reports a new outrage with seemingly no point or solution. Americans are too busy working and raising families to be bothered with Washington intrigue and shenanigans, but they prefer to be busy. They want the opportunity to work and prosper, so they can provide for their families and hopefully find time to enjoy the lives they are building.

If politicians would just do their jobs, Americans could focus on pursuing happiness. And if the media would objectively report the news, they could take some time to discern the issues. But the chaotic hopelessly biased media makes it very hard to sift through all the silly chaff to find the nuggets that matter.

Americans are doers and that is what they want from their government: govern properly and improve our situation. Enough talk, the nation is tired of the endless debate without progress. And that is really the choice in this midterm election. Continue Trump’s powerful program to restore American greatness or just gossip about personalities.

There is ample consternation with Republicans’ lack of fortitude, but President Trump has drug them into success. He aggressively implemented policies to get America working again and Americans are once more enjoying prosperity and renewed hope for the future. There are no new wars and despite all the complaining, international affairs are steadily stabilizing. Trump is acting to secure the border and solve illegal immigration.

If the Democrats won the House, we’ll just talk for the next two years. They will do everything and anything to hamstring Trump until 2020 when they hope to boot him out and coronate Queen Hillary. They will certainly impeach Trump, probably weekly; and they will try to repeal the tax cuts, pass MEDICARE for all and a slew of new environmental regulations. But with a Republican Senate, NOTHING will happen. It will all be for show and 2020 campaign soundbites. We will have gridlock for the next 2 years.

A paralyzed Congress is not all bad, but it will prevent us from finally addressing our deficits and debt. With a growing robust economy, small measures like the Penny Plan to simply reduce spending across the board by 1% annually would have a huge impact. It’s tough with a Republican House and impossible with a Democrat House.

Democrat rhetoric is already unhinged, so with Democrats running the House, the demagoguery will be off the charts. With nothing backbiting for the next two years, there is also a danger the vitriolic political divisions will deepen. But remember Americans are doers, they may tire of the pointless banter. A Democrat House may just make Trump look that much better.

At this writing the results are yet unknown, but Americans like winners. They have compassion for victims, but most Americans don’t want to become victims. It would also be unusual for citizens to vote against their pocketbooks and cast votes to punish a roaring economy and its architect. My prayer is Americans reject all the silly talk and vote to continue the actions to make America great again. How did we do?

“O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge.” 1 Timothy 6:20


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