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By Pete Riehm
Guest Writer 

Desperate Democrats becoming dangerous


September 20, 2018

There is nothing more dangerous, unpredictable, and vicious than a cornered wild animal; and we are now learning there is nothing more desperate and dangerous than Democrats losing political power. Democrats have been extreme in their rhetoric for quite a while, but the past couple years they have become unhinged and even downright violent. Exuberance in your cause can be commendable, but the radical tactics endorsed and employed by Democrats are becoming increasingly concerning.

Democrats and liberals will scoff that they are only exercising their freedom of expression. We should all sit stoically silent while California Congresswoman Maxine Waters runs amok admonishing every liberal malcontent to openly harass any Trump Administration officials or conservatives they find. She obnoxiously exhorts her followers to challenge these people anytime they see them: make conservatives generally unwelcome in public and uncomfortable even in their private lives.

Trump officials are now routinely targeted. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Education Secretary Betty DeVos, and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have all been hounded out of public places. Quite ironic how the party of feminism relishes attacking women in power.

The media finds this all delightful and implies conservatives deserve it, so any liberal bad behavior is understandable. Just this past week, a "Make America Great Again" event at the Trump Hotel in Washington was nearly shut down by a mass shooting threat, the Wyoming GOP Head Quarters was set on fire, and a Republican Congressional candidate was assaulted by a knife wielding liberal at a festival in California. None of this liberal violence made headlines; most Americans have no idea this pattern of violence occurred much less that it even exists.

Liberals revel in the threats as evidenced by the callous cruel responses to the rape and death threats against conservative columnist, Denise McAlister. McAlister made a particularly pointed tweet against women fighting for abortion rights in which he essentially said they were willing to sacrifice innocent lives to avoid the consequences of their irresponsible sexual choices. McAlister was not only excoriated on Twitter; she received specific threats of physical violence on her personal communications and at her home. Those threats were enough for her to abandon social media and go into hiding to protect her frightened family.

And that is exactly the intent of the incessant liberal bullying. Liberals are bent on silencing any dissent to their politically correct liberal dogma. They want conservatives to quit and they view intimidation as legitimate. It was absolutely intentional when Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, described Trump supporters as fascists. Or when Hillary Clinton described them as "deplorables." These monikers are intended to paint Trump supporters as enemies of democracy and therefore any means of resistance to such evil is justified. Social media not so quietly condones and even encourages such extreme rhetoric.

The 94 year old Broadway actress, Carole Cook, is just the latest celebrity to join more than a dozen other celebrities calling for the assassination of President Trump. If anyone had called for President Obama to be assassinated, the media outcry would have been deafening and that person would have been locked up. But because liberals and the media consider Trump inimical to their agenda, he must be stopped at any cost, so any expression of resistance, even violence, is justified.

Liberals will pooh-pooh any fear of violence, but it is very real. Just last year, a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter shot up a Congressional Republican softball practice nearly killing Congressman Steve Scalise (LA-R). The destruction of civil public discourse and the polarization of the body politic is no accident.

Democrats have a twofold strategy with their extremist tactics. First, they hope to rile their base to vote in a blue wave in the midterm elections; and then they will drive Trump from office through impeachment or at least hobble his administration with never ending unfounded investigations. If the blue wave fails, stand by for even more extremism. They will unleash their paramilitary arm, ANTIFA, to spread their radical violence across America.

Make no mistake. Democrats hate our republic. They will destroy it in Congress, in the courts, or in the streets.

"There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed." Hosea 4:2


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