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Citizens give police extra eyes and ears


July 26, 2018

Policing is not rocket science. It's not a knock on police officers, but like newspaper editors we don't have crystal balls to see the future or know what all is going on unless someone tells us.

We have some very good police officers and investigators in both Escambia counties and Santa Rosa County, but most will quickly tell you it takes people in a community to point them in the right direction. It takes people in the community helping the police chase down the 'bad guys' instead of chasing down shadows.

We've solved a lot of burglaries and vandalism in Flomaton and the surrounding areas when people step up and tell the police what they know; police have solved robberies and other major crimes simply off of tips from the community.

The chase for the escapee from Loxley near the Windcreek Casino and Hotel is a perfect example. Witnesses pointed law enforcement officers in the right direction and the help from the community led to a quick capture.

Sometimes people don't want to get involved. We can understand that to a point, but when you know something that can help law enforcement we feel it's your duty. Most law enforcement agencies have ways you can give that information anonymously so you never have to give your name.

We've talked to multiple law enforcement officers over the years and there has always been one common theme – if you see something in your neighborhood that doesn't seem right, dial 911. Cops will tell you, they'd rather respond to 100 such calls when nothing illegal was going on than to miss the one where illegal activity had or was about to occur.

We have a handful of police officers in Flomaton, but we have thousands of eyes and ears among our citizens.

Good policing can only be good if people in the community are willing to step up to the plate and pick up the telephone. Help the police help you.


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